Foil Sealer

Original price was: ₹7,000.00.Current price is: ₹5,500.00.

Brand – Sepack from India manufactured this product.

The package weighs 4.5 kg and has dimensions of 460 (l) X 170 (w) X 250(h) cm.

The model is FSD 1545 with a head adjusting range from the base of 10 to 160 mm and a sealing die maximum of 140mm.

It operates at 300 watts with a voltage of 240.

Seal aluminum foils on cups, cans, bottles, plastic containers, and trays using pilfer evident and leak proof sealing.

– Adjust the height and control the heat as needed.

Seal cups, cans, and bottles securely without needing extra attachments. Reinforce the bottom of flimsy cups and trays to avoid crushing the cup/neck during sealing.

– Match the shape of the cup to be sealed with the appropriate support by providing dimensional sketches or samples for designing.


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