The Apple Watch Series 9 maintains a similar design to its predecessor, offering limited visual changes.

It features a new S9 SiP for slightly improved performance, but the battery life remains similar to the Series 8.

Price in India starts at Rs. 41,900, with options for different case sizes, materials, and straps.

The design is almost indistinguishable from previous models, with no significant cosmetic changes.

Apple claims to use recycled materials for the aluminum case, emphasizing environmental sustainability.

The display is slightly brighter, and there's a new S9 SiP for faster performance and Siri interactions.

Health and fitness tracking, including mood tracking, is generally accurate and reliable.

Battery life remains consistent, with around 1.5 to 2 days on a single charge.

The double tap feature, while promising, has limitations and may not be as useful as expected.

For existing Series 7 or Series 8 owners, the Series 9 may not offer compelling reasons to upgrade, except for the double tap feature.