BTS' Suga held a heartfelt online interaction with fans before his military enlistment on September 22, 2023.

Suga, with a new shorter haircut, explained his absence, saying he spent time with BTS members and family.

He assured fans that he has filmed content to keep them entertained during his 18-month absence.

Suga expressed regret for not being able to do more shows for fans but has to fulfill his civic duties.

He emotionally told fans not to cry, promising to meet them again in 2025.

J-Hope and Jin, also in the military, sent love and encouragement to Suga.

Fans on social media pledged to wait for his return.

BTS plans to reunite in 2025 after their solo careers.

All seven members will eventually complete their military service.

BTS members are succeeding individually in their solo endeavors.