Netflix's "Sex Education" returns for its final season at a new school, Cavendish College, with unique features.

The characters, including Otis, Aimee, Eric, and Maeve, adjust to the changes, both personally and sartorially.

Otis maintains his iconic bomber jacket amid the challenges of being a new caregiver.

Aimee undergoes a significant transformation, expressing herself confidently through fashion.

Eric's style evolves after joining a group of cool, queer kids.

Maeve updates her look to reflect her new life in America and growing maturity.

The show explores the characters' personal growth and self-discovery in the new setting.

Aimee uses fashion to regain autonomy over her body after a traumatic event.

Eric finds confidence and self-acceptance in his evolving style.

Maeve retains her essence while adapting to new challenges and responsibilities.