Deepfakes on the Rise: AI-generated deepfakes are becoming more common and convincing.

Fake Celebrity Endorsements: Fake AI celebrities promote unknown brands, imitating famous personalities like Beyonce and Elon Musk.

Inauthentic Advertisers: Social media platforms and Google sometimes fail to vet advertisers properly.

Seeking Reliable Advice: Rely on reviews or expert opinions when considering a product or service.

Signs of AI-Made Content: Learn to recognize red flags in AI-generated content, such as perfect symmetry, distortion, unusual proportions, and unnatural textures.

Watermarks: Most free AI image generators have watermarks, usually found in the bottom right corner.

Bizarre Details: Pay attention to oddities like strangely shaped features, excessive fingers, or mismatched accessories in AI-created content.

AI Detection Tools: Use tools like "AI or Not" and "Maybe's AI Art Detector" to check the authenticity of images.

Google's Reverse Image Search: Verify images by conducting a reverse image search. If it leads to an AI site, be cautious.