Indoor Farming Boom: Indoor farms aim to provide fresh produce year-round, combat climate change, and save resources.

Mixed Outcomes: While some like Eden Green and Kroger thrive, others like AeroFarms and AppHarvest face financial difficulties.

Sustainability Concerns: High energy costs for artificial lighting pose sustainability challenges, but some seek solar solutions.

Alternative Approaches: Outdoor options like high tunnels and investing in regenerative farming practices are suggested.

Pest Control: Indoor farms focus on hygiene to combat pests and use fewer pesticides than outdoor farms.

Scaling Struggles: Rapid expansion presents challenges for indoor farming startups.

Innovative Solutions: Companies like Eden Green, Plenty, and Soli Organic work on energy-efficient and soil-based approaches.

Investment Uncertainties: Profitability doubts persist; partnerships and grants may be key to success.

Capital Intensity: The industry's high capital requirements make profitability a challenge.

Future Prospects: Indoor farming faces opportunities and obstacles as it strives for sustainability and profitability.