"No Hard Feelings" is a 2023 R-rated comedy featuring Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie, an Uber driver.

The story centers on Maddie, who agrees to entertain a nerdy teenager in exchange for a car.

The movie draws inspiration from a real-life Craigslist post, offering a unique and humorous plot.

Director Gene Stupnitsky, a longtime friend of Lawrence, recognized her comedic talents.

The film is available for streaming on Netflix from October 22.

The star-studded cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Barth Feldman, Matthew Broderick, and others.

Lawrence was drawn to the script, considering it the funniest she had seen.

The movie combines humor, action, and unconventional storytelling.

Sony Pictures Entertainment released the trailer for "No Hard Feelings" in March.

"No Hard Feelings" promises a dose of humor and an offbeat, engaging storyline for viewers to enjoy.