President Joe Biden issued a warning about ongoing threats to U.S. democracy in Arizona.

He specifically called out the "MAGA movement" and stated it contradicts democratic principles.

Biden expressed concern that today's GOP is influenced by MAGA extremists, whose agenda could significantly alter American democracy.

Biden's speech marked his strongest effort yet to address Donald Trump's alleged anti-democratic actions since Trump faced criminal charges related to the 2020 election

The speech hinted at Biden's potential 2024 reelection campaign, focusing on Trump's words and actions as threats to democracy.

He criticized Trump for suggesting the Constitution granted him unchecked presidential powers and referenced Trump's comments about General Mark Milley.

Biden emphasized the need to protect democratic institutions and values, highlighting his commitment to free and fair elections.

Defending democracy remains a central theme for Biden, and the speech also honored the late Senator John McCain while appealing to bipartisanship.