Riot Games introduces Iso, the new agent in Valorant for Episode 7 Act III.

Iso is a Chinese character known as a "fixer for hire" in the game.

His unique ability utilizes ambient energy for self-shields and creating 1v1 arenas.

Iso's abilities are geared towards dueling and killing opponents, lacking team utility.

The E ability, Double Tap, grants a shield after killing or assisting against an enemy.

Iso's Q ability, Undercut, fires a projectile that can weaken enemies, passing through walls.

His C ability, Contingency, generates a large energy wall to block sight and bullets.

Iso's ultimate, Kill Contract, initiates a 1v1 duel within a custom arena.

Iso's design emphasizes gunplay and excitement, without mobility or healing abilities.

Iso's playstyle may prove frustrating for opponents, and his release is scheduled for Valorant Episode 7 Act III on October 31.