Actress Millie Bobby Brown, known for her role as Eleven in 'Stranger Things,' is looking forward to the show's conclusion with its fifth season.

She mentioned her readiness to embrace the final season in an interview with Glamour.

Millie expressed that 'Stranger Things' has limited her opportunities to explore other acting projects.

She's eager to move on to create stories she's passionate about.

Millie plans to maintain her friendships with the show's cast even after it ends.

She debunked criticisms of talking loudly during interviews and how it affected her as a young actor.

Millie faced unfair judgment and name-calling, which she found difficult to handle at the age of 13.

She mentioned that the comments led her to be quieter in interviews and speak only when prompted.

Millie is excited about what the future holds beyond 'Stranger Things.'

The show's fifth season is set to air once the SAG-AFTRA strike concludes.