In Lima, Peru, while expanding the gas network, workers stumbled upon a surprising discovery of eight pre-Inca burial offerings.

Archaeologists, working with the gas company Calidda, have unearthed over 1,900 archaeological artifacts during their gas line expansion efforts over the past 19 years.

Lima is rich in history, with over 400 archaeological sites scattered throughout the city, known as "huacas," some on sacred hills.

The recent find includes burial bundles from the Ichma culture, a pre-Inca civilization dating back to A.D. 1100, which later became part of the Inca Empire.

The bundles likely contain the remains of two adults and six children.

In 2018, archaeologists found wooden coffins with Chinese immigrants dating back to the 19th century in the La Flor neighborhood.

The discovery highlights the continuous historical presence in Lima, from pre-Inca civilizations to Spanish colonial times.

These finds shed light on the deep historical layers hidden beneath the modern city of Lima.