Sophie Turner, 27, has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan, requesting the return of her two children to England.

The lawsuit involves her estranged husband, Joe Jonas, 34, and centers on the "wrongful retention" of their children, which began on Sept. 20.

Turner and Jonas had agreed to make England their permanent home during Christmas 2022.

They sold their Miami home and were in the process of buying a home in the English countryside in April.

Turner, an actress, began filming a mini-series during the summer while Jonas toured with The Jonas Brothers.

Initially, they agreed to let the children join Jonas on tour due to his more flexible schedule.

Their marriage broke down suddenly after an argument on Aug. 15, leading to Jonas filing for divorce on Sept. 1.

Turner learned about the divorce from the media, and custody of their children became a contentious issue.

Turner's plan to move to England with the children was met with resistance from Jonas, who possesses their passports.

1. Jonas and Turner married in 2019, and they issued a joint statement about their amicable separation.