In a crossover boxing event in Manchester, Tommy Fury controversially defeated KSI.

Fury lost a point but still won by majority decision, leaving fans and KSI puzzled.

The fight was marred by excessive clinching, drowning out the action and disappointing spectators.

Fury defended his performance, mentioning an injured right hand and the tough buildup.

KSI contested the decision, leading to a brief on-ring argument with Fury.

Fury ruled out a fight with Jake Paul, expressing disinterest in "crossover" matchups.

In the co-headliner, Logan Paul beat Dillon Danis, who was disqualified for a takedown attempt.

The fight ended in chaos as Danis went after Paul, resulting in his disqualification.

The overall event received mixed reactions from fans.

Questions arise about Fury's future in professional boxing after narrow wins against crossover opponents.