Nissan Altima: Reliable but watch out for transmission issues after 100K miles.

BMW 3 Series: Luxury car, but high maintenance costs and potential engine or electrical problems.

Land Rover Discovery: Good-looking, but known for air suspension, electrical, and transmission troubles.

Fiat 500: Cute and nimble but prone to engine problems and costly repairs.

Jeep Wrangler: Iconic off-roader, but vulnerable to rust, steering, and suspension issues.

Ford Fiesta: Great for city driving but has a history of transmission and electrical troubles.

Chrysler 200: Sleek midsize sedan, but often requires engine, transmission, or electrical repairs early on.

Volkswagen Tiguan: Stylish and comfortable, but beware of expensive transmission issues post-100K miles.

Mini Cooper: Unique design, plagued by oil leaks, turbo failures, suspension, and electrical problems.

Tesla Model S: Impressive, but budget for battery pack replacement around or after 100K miles.