10.Demon Slayer: A recent sensation combining rich animation and compelling characters for commercial and critical success.

9.Death Note: An accessible, mind-bending thriller with a captivating cat-and-mouse game.

8.Naruto Shippuden: A ninja's journey toward leadership, friendship, and personal growth.

7.Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: A stylish, genre-defying series with generational storytelling.

6.Pokemon: Iconic, multi-generational creature-collecting series with life lessons.

5.Cowboy Bebop: A genre-blending space adventure with a cultural and artistic impact.

4.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: A faithful adaptation with a captivating plot and compelling characters.

3.Neon Genesis Evangelion: A mecha classic with deep psychological themes and lasting influence.

2.One Piece: A globally beloved adventure of pirates, treasure, and camaraderie.

1.Dragon Ball: A legendary, long-running series with a massive impact on anime culture and Western audiences.