Energy and Pre-Workout Drinks: Excessive caffeine and stimulants can increase blood pressure, stress, and impede sleep.

Sweet Alcoholic Beverages: Cocktails with alcohol and fructose syrup can harm the liver and lead to a fatty liver.

Everyday Soft Drinks: High sugar content in sodas can negatively affect health; opt for sparkling water instead.

Iced Tea: Contains as much sugar as soda and may be linked to type-2 diabetes.

Juice with 'Cocktail' Label: Blended juices with added sugar can add unnecessary calories; choose 100% fruit juice.

Drinks with Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners can disrupt gut health, affecting various bodily systems.

Agave Nectar-Enhanced Drinks: Agave syrup may appear healthy but can lead to excess fat storage.

Frappes: These sweet coffees contain sugar and saturated fats, which can lead to excess fat storage.

Iced or Frozen Lattes: Similar sugar levels to soda, contributing to added sugar intake.