President Biden and VP Kamala Harris launched the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention to save lives.

VP Harris will lead the office to address gun control issues amidst congressional inaction.

The office aims to implement executive orders and the 2022 Safer Communities Act, enhancing background checks and more.

It will provide support for survivors, akin to FEMA's response to natural disasters, including mental health care and financial aid.

The office seeks to identify new executive actions and strengthen partnerships with state and local organizations.

President Biden urges Congress for universal background checks, assault weapon bans, and high-capacity magazine restrictions.

He emphasizes the need for elected officials who will take action if Congress doesn't.

Gun violence rates have risen in cities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A study found an increase in fatalities from gun violence, with more victims dying at the scene.

President Biden remains committed to pushing for an assault weapons ban despite congressional resistance.