Privacy Policy Of Neminath Enterprises

 Neminath Enterprises Pvt Ltd.  guarantees the  papers against manufacturing faults for 12 months from the date of purchase. The bag closer’s bond covers only the motor and is good for six months. We agree to repair or replace any  imperfect goods that we believe were firstly  imperfect. This guarantee doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents, lightning, abuse, or negligence on the part of the  client, or if the medium is tampered with by the  client or another unauthorized person. This guarantee doesn’t cover breakage of Bakelite, demitasse, hitting, rudiments, cartridge heaters, glass  corridor, fiber fabric, rubber  corridor, or Teflon products, Dicing or  shelling of  makeup, enamel, plating, or failure due to normal wear and tear and gash of any  corridor after they’ve been  vended. Hand machines, Hot Air ordnance, Bag Closers, and Foil Sealers don’t have on-  point servicing, and the same will be presented at your  expenditure. Machines used under the  sharp/ chemicals/ freezing zone won’t cover the bond. The company won’t  give any bond to the machine if any short circuit high voltage or fire happens in the  client’s place.